AudioCodes vSBC Initial Configuration

Another quick post so that I remember how to complete the AudioCodes vSBC initial configuration..

After the import of the OVF file the system will boot with a default IP address of

To run the Configuration Wizard complete the following:
Login using the default username and password:

Enter the privileged command level:

Password is default: Admin


select "Yes" to complete

Select "No" for the "Do you want to configure Web-CLI User parameters?

Select "Yes" to "Do you want to configure OAMP Network Settings?"

Enter VLAN ID:

Enter IP Address:

Enter prefix length:

Enter default gateway:

Enter primary DNS server:

Enter secondary DNS server:

Select "No" to "Do you want to configure SNMP Network Management?"

Confirm the settings just configured, via selecting "Yes"

The system will then restart.

After the reboot has completed, the system should have the IP address configured.


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