Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lync Federated Contacts and Presence Status

Over the last couple of weeks I have had a few people letting me know that federation is broken, as they can’t see the status of a federated user.

After some investigation I have found that federation is working as expected, the “issue” (not that it’s an issue) is the way that Lync displays status information for federated contacts.

When searching for a Lync user’s status within your owncompany status is displayed in the search results.

However until you add the federated contact to your “buddylist” their presence status will be displayed as “presence unknown”

Hover over the contact and select the icon, and select which group to make the usera member of from your “buddy list”
Once you add the contact to your “buddy list”

The status will now be displayed for this federated contact when you are searching by SIP URI.

[UPDATE: Spotted some spelling mistakes]


  1. I would also like to know why its not possible to see a federated contact/users status. we have an internal voip system running on a separate domain than our general lync users and the issue is that as the voip system uses general names i.e. support1 , support2 etc we cant determine who is logged in other than a calendar, would be good to be able to see the federated contacts status as the users of our federated voip put their name in the status.

    1. * Never mind above comment> Self solved > if you want other contacts in another domain that are federated to see you status make sure to right click on them and change their privacy access rights - to share Status i set ours to colleague, on another domain lync user i am able to see the status of the federated user.


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